Living Connections (September – May)

Our small groups meet throughout the week (September – May) to study the Bible — going deeper into the Scriptures covered during the previous Sunday’s sermon.

As an added bonus to knowing God and His word better, we get to know one another. Becoming invested in the lives of others is a key component of serving God.

Dates, times, and locations of small groups vary. Please check the Information Station for a group near you or call the office at 253.857.6200.

Study Material is available for download each week (check “Sermon, Notes” section on the right), or pick up a copy on Sunday at the Information Station in the Foyer.

Bible Studies

Discipleship – Men’s Class

» Sunday, 9:00 am

The Group, men & women 18 to 30 years old

»Monday, 6:30 pm (Parsonage)

Growing Your Family in Christ

»Tuesday, 6:40 pm (Parsonage)

Ladies Study

» Thursday, 9:30 am (Foyer)